How to Get a Girlfriend (Nice Guy Myths)

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14There are a lot of misconceptions about being “the nice guy” with women which can really screw over a lot of guys.

While these misconceptions are very common among a lot of men, they are largely due to the influence that the media has over us.

For example, they’ll teach us that it’s good to be a gentleman and that it’s good to be persistent when trying to win over a woman. Now, while the idea of being a gentleman or being persistent can be very misleading for the guy who wants to attract that special woman, there is some truth to these ideas, but only when you go about it the right way.

99% of the time, being a flat-out gentleman or being flat-out persistent will actually decrease her attraction and cause her to gradually lose interest in you. However, when you’re being the gentleman or being persistent the right way, there’s a very good chance that she’ll become more drawn to you and her attraction will increase.

Not really sure what I mean by this? That’s ok, because today I’ve got a great 3-minute video clip to share with you that will clarify this idea of being the gentleman and being persistent in the right way.

The video is taken from version 1 of my friend Christian Hudson’s Girlfriend Activation System training program, and along with clarifying the myths of being the gentleman and being the persistent guy, there’s one more common nice guy myth that he also explains in the video.

There are more than 75,000 active members who have chosen to take that leap of faith and join the Girlfriend Activation System members area. These are men who are now dating or in relationships with the kind of women they’ve always dreamed about being with, so you just know that the advice Christian is going to share with you is pure gold.

So let’s get to it. Check out the video below to hear Christian speak about 3 common nice guy myths, and gain a better understanding of how to get a girlfriend

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