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thumb_gfas2The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is a recorded webinar that was created by Christian Hudson, which basically shows guys how to become the kind of man who can turn almost any girl he wants into his girlfriend.

Don’t let the name mislead you though… While this system was primarily created to show the average guy how to get a beautiful girlfriend, it can also be used to attract and hook up with as many women as you want. It’s completely your decision how you want to use it.

I want to show you what my thoughts were of the system after having used it in this Girlfriend Activation System review, but first let’s take a closer look at what this system really is and how it works, followed by an inside look into the GFAS videos, and also some descriptions of the 5 main bonus programs that you’ll get when you enter the members area (you get 17 bonuses total)

What is The GFAS?

The GFAS is based on many years of research into female psychology, and talks about what Christian calls, a woman’s “obsession story”. The obsession story is basically a woman’s deepest desires which have been hardwired into her brain since the day she was born.

The beautiful thing is, when you’re able to fulfill these desires of hers, you’ll be able to override her logical thinking patterns. Her logical brain tells her that she wants a guy with good looks or a guy with lots of money…

But once you use this system (which is basically a play-by-play for activating her obsession story), you’ll be able to override this logical thinking of hers and turn her into your loving, loyal girlfriend.

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The Girlfriend Activation System Videos (screenshots taken from the original GFAS members area)

Below are a few screenshots taken from the original Girlfriend Activation System members area. I chose to include these original screenshots over the screenshots from the newly updated members area because these images include basic descriptions of each of the 23 videos, whereas the newly updated members area does not include descriptions for the videos. This will give you a much better idea of the kind of stuff you’re going to learn once you jump inside the members area…





I hope these screenshots have given you a much better idea of the kind of material you’ll be learning when you make your way inside the GFAS members area. These 23 videos accumulate to just under 10 hours worth of video footage, and are packed with tons of tips and techniques from Christian and some of his best dating coach colleagues. And this doesn’t even include the hours and hours worth of bonus programs content you’ll also gain access to…

Get 17 Additional FREE Bonus Programs!


As mentioned in the introduction, when you enter the members area you’ll also gain access to 17 additional bonus programs that have a combined value of well over $1000. The 5 main bonuses include Complete Confidence Hypnosis, The Breathtaking Hello, Endless Conversations, Sexual Texting, and The Ten Code. I’ve come up with some basic descriptions for each of these 5 main bonuses to give you a better idea of what they’re all about. Check it out below:

  • Main Bonus #1: Complete Confidence Hypnosis  The subliminal mind programming tool for installing the mindsets of a charismatic and confident man.
  • Main Bonus #2: The Breathtaking Hello – Word for word, potent conversation openers which have been tested on hundreds of women, on the streets and in the bars of New York City.
  • Main Bonus #3: Endless Conversations – This fireside seminar reveals the simple method for being able to have endless conversations with the girls you like.
  • Main Bonus #4: Sexual Texting – Secret tips for bringing out a girl’s naughtiest side, including the step-by-step process for getting her to send you naked photos.
  • Main Bonus #5: The Ten Code – Trial access to The Ten Code, the ass-kicking year long course that reveals the secret code of those guys who are “10’s”.

I know you may be a little sceptical about whether or not you actually get 17 bonuses when you buy this product, and so I’ve attached another screenshot that will show you the full list of all 17 of them (again, screenshot taken from the members area):


As you can see, there really are 17 bonus programs that come with this training program. These bonuses can be found in the “Bonus Programs” section of the members area, and they’re ready to be downloaded whenever you’re ready to make use of them.

It’s also worth noting that Christian is constantly adding new bonuses to the training program, so while there are currently 17 bonuses included with every purchase, I can guarantee that he’ll be adding more and more as time goes on.


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My thoughts on the Girlfriend Activation System

The GFAS was designed to turn you into the most attractive version of yourself, allowing you to attract almost any woman you want and then turn her into your loving, loyal girlfriend, and based on my experience with it, I have to say it’s fully capable of doing this.

This training program played a HUGE part in changing my old, bad mindsets into potent, effective new ones. These new mindsets then enabled me to get a lot more dates with lots of beautiful women, and eventually turn one of the lucky ladies into my loving, loyal girlfriend (just like what was promised to me when I ordered the GFAS)

As you go through the training program, you’ll notice your mindsets changing too, just like I did. You’ll feel them changing… You’ll be able to identify where you made all those mistakes with women in the past… And you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to never make those mistakes again.

Basically, after you learn the system and make use of the 17 free bonus programs, you’ll be a brand new confident, charismatic man who’s leaps ahead of every other guy when it comes to getting a sexy girlfriend. You’ll be more attractive than 95% of the other guys out there in the eyes of women…

At least that’s how I felt after going through Christian’s training program. The way he put it all together is so simple yet so effective, and this is the reason why there’s such a high success rate among men who learn the system.

But don’t just take my word for it, let me show you what some other guys had to say about Christian’s system…

Other people’s thoughts on the Girlfriend Activation System

Below are just 3 of the countless emails that Christian has received from people who have gone through his training program:

“First off, Wish I would’ve have discovered this system way sooner. In the last couple days of reading the presentations and watching a couple of the videos I’ve learned so much about how I was screwing up with girls.”

– Nate

“You continue to amaze me. So genuine, experienced, and able to make it all seem so simple. You have my confidence and I’m already texting women with amazing results – You’re the man!”

– Brad M.

“Man, I really can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me gain confidence in myself. I’m excited to read more emails about how others have overcome problems they’ve faced, and how I can as well. I recently lost a woman to 1 of the “bad guys” and I was broken because of it, I was shattered in confidence and basically lost my edge with women, I have only seen the first part and part of the second video to the GFAS but I can tell you that I’m excited to finish it. I’m actually going on a date with a sexy woman this Friday, and I can honestly say it’s all thanks to how much this system has helped me!”

– Clay

Like I said, these were just 3 of the things guys have said about this system after studying the content and using it on the girl they like. Christian has been receiving positive feedback on a daily basis ever since the program was released to the public a few years ago. This just goes to show that he really is one of the greatest experts in the dating advice industry, and with the GFAS he passes his masterful knowledge onto you.

Is the GFAS worth learning?

200_a11If you’re interested in learning the GFAS you should make sure you have the free time available to settle down and study its content. There’s more than 15 hours of video footage that comes with the GFAS videos (not counting the 17 bonus programs), and if you want to succeed with this system and get an amazing girlfriend, it’s important that you study as much of the content as possible, and apply the techniques and strategies that you’re learning to your interactions with that girl you like.

I also thought I should mention that while it’s unrealistic for you to expect to be able to turn ANY girl into your girlfriend even after you possess this new wealth of powerful knowledge, The GFAS will get you an amazing girlfriend as long as you continue to practice what you’re learning, and don’t give up!

However, results will vary from person to person… A guy who’s already pretty good with women will get awesome results much quicker than a guy who’s currently pretty bad with women. But, even those guys who are awful with women will eventually succeed after learning this system if they’re motivated enough to stick with it.

So if you’re that kind of guy, just remember to stay positive and motivated, and as a result your life will become so much better in a reasonably short amount of time.

It’s also worth noting that this program is available in video, audio, and transcript formats. So whether you’d prefer to watch the videos, listen to the audios, or read the transcripts, there’s an option available for everyone.

And the best part is, once you gain access to the members area, you can learn the content no matter where you are as long as you have an active internet connection. Study the material on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, whatever works best for you.

Is the GFAS worth learning? Well, if your main goal is to get the perfect girlfriend, if you have the free time available to learn the system and make use of the bonuses, and if you have the motivation to stick with it when the going gets tough and not give up, then yes, the GFAS is the best option available and is definitely worth learning.

This is one of the select few dating advice products on the market that focuses specifically on how to get a girlfriend. And when you add in the fact that Christian is one of the top dating coaches in the World and has been in relationships with some of the hottest women in New York City (including some smokin’ hot models and actresses), it’s safe to say that the Girlfriend Activation System is one of the best “how to get a girlfriend” products available to date.

How to avoid the Girlfriend Activation System scam

The internet is loaded with “Girlfriend Activation System free downloads”. These downloads appear to be identical on the outside, but the content is not the actual program. Because of this product’s huge success, it’s obvious that there are scammers who are attracted to it. These fake copies of the GFAS are put out there to get your email address or put cookies on your computer. Basically, if it’s not from the official site, then don’t buy it.

And because Christian is so confident that the GFAS will get you a gorgeous girlfriend, he decided to include a 1 year money back guarantee with every purchase. I’ve personally tested this guarantee and had no problems getting my refund.

But how amazing is that? He gives you a full 12 months to get the results you want with the system, and to decide if you actually want to pay for it… The fact that Christian is still in business after including a guarantee like this just goes to show that his product is legit, effective, and that most guys who learn his system have no regrets.

Get a glimpse inside the GFAS

Want to get a glimpse inside the GFAS? Check out the video below to watch Christian demonstrate a concept which he calls “Selective Attention”…



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My final thoughts on the Girlfriend Activation System

thumb_gfas2Because of the fact that this system is based on years of scientific research into female psychology, and the fact that Christian is still in business after including a 1 year money back guarantee with every purchase, that’s the proof, among other things, that the GFAS is legit and really does work.

But as I previously mentioned, unless you’re already good with women, you’ll have to stay motivated and have that patience that is required for most men to succeed with it (I definitely required that patience when I was starting out…)

However, this training program does a very good job of changing your old, bad mindsets into potent effective new ones, and basically all you need to do to achieve this is learn the system, take advantage of the plethora of free bonuses, and go into the program with an open mind, ready to learn. Like I mentioned earlier, you’ll feel yourself changing into a way better version of yourself as you’re studying the content.

And to make it extremely easy for you to get the most out of the GFAS, you can choose to learn the content in whatever format you want, wherever you happen to be. Watch the videos, listen to the audios, or read the transcripts on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, whichever option works best for you. This means you could be learning the system less than 5 minutes from now, on whatever device you’re using to read this review.

Overall, I noticed way more positives than negatives about this training program, and with the knowledge you’ll gain from discovering the GFAS videos and making use of the 17 additional bonus programs, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll succeed with it regardless of how good or bad you currently are with women.

Also, as I previously mentioned, Christian is a very well known expert in the dating advice industry who has years and years of experience when it comes to attracting beautiful women and turning them into his girlfriend. He’s been in relationships with some of the hottest women in New York City, and with the Girlfriend Activation System, he passes his masterful knowledge onto you.

He’s successfully turned thousands and thousands of average, ordinary guys (including myself) into the kind of men that women just can’t resist. The kind of men who get beautiful women craving to be with them over anyone else. Basically, if you’re tired of being single and alone, and have a really strong desire to get a gorgeous girlfriend, I highly recommend you learn from Christian.

And with the 1 year money back guarantee you can try out the GFAS risk free with nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter how old you are, how little money you have, or how unattractive your appearances are, this system has been proven to work time and time again. I hope this Girlfriend Activation System Review was helpful, and feel free to click the button below to buy The Girlfriend Activation System at the best discount price…


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Or, Click Here to watch the official video for the GFAS and discover some of Christian’s free tips & techniques for getting the girlfriend of your dreams.

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Additional information:

==> Girlfriend Activation System Review Biography of Christian Hudson

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